Dake25 is an artist, Painter and Muralist who's been painting for over 15 years in the streets.
Born in Brussels (1982) in a Chilean refugee family, raised between Belgium and Chile.
After developing his art in Latin America he moved to Bergen, Norway where he created and participated in several projects with different organizations, as well as private commissions and personal projects.
Now He's based in Brussels, Belgium.
He love to use spraypaint and acrylics on large surfaces, but he also enjoy a lot working on the studio on personal projects and canvases.
To be able to paint his personal projects. Dake25 has developed a business side by making decorations on demand. Always trying to take the works to a more artistic aesthetic, the different works he has done have allowed him to gain versatility and professionalism. He has experience doing interior decorations for restaurants, bars, Offices, Stores and more...
Open to art projects and private commissions.
If you are interested in his work do not hesitate in contacting him at 25ideas@gmail.com

Thank you!
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